Chapter 1274: The Uproar Caused By the Jade Token

Jiang Chen’s words were exceedingly inflammatory and lit the atmosphere on fire. A signature method that surpassed even that of a first rank sect’s! This would absolutely cause a furious storm of blood and gore if word got out.

The lucky owner had a completely blank mind at the moment. He’d never thought that a random jade token, one in which he’d thought was trash, would have this kind of value! He almost fainted dead away. Managing to stay on his feet, he flushed beet red instead. This bizarre reaction drew the attention of the wandering cultivators around him.

One of the cultivators next to him couldn’t resist. “Old Tan, what's with you?”

Many knew the lucky owner. He was Tan Zhi, a wandering cultivator who’d grown in prominence in recent years. He was only half step emperor realm, but that actually placed him amongst the upper echelon of wandering cultivators. However, his cultivation level was still wholly unfit for this treasure.

“Old Tan, look at how worked up you are! Is that token yours?”

“N-no… it’s not mine.” Tan Zhi denied with a reddened face.

“Hahaha, come off of it....

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