Chapter 1273: Shock, Utter Shock!

The first grade treasures having been shown, there were only the three supreme rank treasures remaining. They were the crowning jewels of this segment and their display was of paramount importance.

“I’m sure the last three treasures are also the most eye-catching ones.” Veluriyam Capital’s young lord smiled. “I’d like to offer my formal congratulations to their respective owners. In my opinion, any one of these three far surpasses any first grade treasure in value!

“Of course, I think it’s natural that we didn’t quite come to a complete consensus regarding the treasures. I’ll go into the details now.” He explained the differences between Master Dong Ye’s opinion and his own. The two had agreed upon this beforehand. The public had a right to know.

“Master Dong Ye, please go ahead. You deserve equal time out of fairness.” Jiang Chen wasn’t at all dictatorial, instead deferring to the Buddhist monk.

The master was the most junior amongst the four guests. He found it inappropriate to open his mouth just yet, glancing toward his three more senior peers. As the oldest, Emperor...

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