Chapter 1272: Open Display of Treasures

This was Jiang Chen’s foremost goal for the Dragon and Tiger Meet. He wanted to build up interest in Veluriyam Capital as well as increase the Meet’s attractiveness and influence in the process. How, exactly? Through the contents of the gathering, of course. Sifting treasure from trash was a great segment.

Curiosity was one of the most abundant emotions in the world of martial dao. The pursuit of treasure was one of the strongest desires that martial cultivators could harbor.

“We all trust you, young lord Zhen. Announce the results!”

“Who can dispute your integrity, young lord Zhen?”

“Veluriyam Capital is a gold standard. If we didn’t have faith in it, we wouldn’t have come here.” The wandering cultivators below all started shouting. They were chomping at their bits with impatience.

Jiang Chen smiled cheerfully back at them. “It’s hard to show three thousand treasures one by one. We’ll put all the fifth grade treasures together. If it belongs to you, you’ll be able to easily feel it. The same will be done for the fourth grade treasures.

“There’ll be simple...

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