Chapter 1271: The Seven Star Convergence Talisman

Jiang Chen’s words had a significant impact on his audience. It was on the same level as when they’d first known of the Pinecrane Pill, the pill extended the lives of emperors and great emperors. It was an immensely attractive prospect, since everyone had a limitation on their lifespan.

Without understanding the principles of heaven and earth and ascending to empyrean rank, one would still become dust at the end of one’s life. Any past heroism and skill would be rendered useless. Therefore, there’d been a great deal of attention on the Pinecrane Pill.

The Emperor Supremacy Pill tugged at the crowd’s heartstrings the same way. Great emperors found it exceedingly difficult to take any cultivation steps forward. Wasn’t a pill that gave away a free level in light of that too absurd?

“I have another question, young lord Zhen.” Emperor Wellspring intoned in a low voice. “The Emperor Supremacy Pill can help an initial great emperor ascend to mid great emperor very quickly, yes?”

“Yes.” Jiang Chen nodded with certainty. He’d already guessed what...

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