Chapter 127: Toying with the Darkmoon Kingdom Army

Chapter 127: Toying with the Darkmoon Kingdom Army

“Damn it, are they playing a joke? I thought they were going to ambush us!”

“These dumb feathered beasts can only scare the people of the Eastern Kingdom. They’re aren’t much in the face of our mighty Darkmoon Kingdom army.”

The soldiers and officers of the Darkmoon Kingdom all cussed loudly. They’d spent quite a while setting up their formation, but this flock of Swordbirds had just flown by without dropping even a single feather.

“What the hell!”

But, the officer in charge of directing the formations didn’t dare to lower his guard and didn’t dare to disperse the formation. He only gave the order a full fifteen minutes later when he saw that the Swordbird army wasn’t going to make a return.


The formation was taken down amidst a clatter of complaints and curses. Everyone sat down again in pairs, back to back, intending to rest where they stood.

After all, this was marching and fighting. They had to march during the day, so even if they couldn’t lie down on the ground at night, they still had to sit down and rest for a bit.

It hadn’t been even fifteen minutes after they’d sat down when the shrill horn call sounded again.

“The enemy’s attacking again, get up! Set up the formation, set up the formation!”

It was happening again...

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