Chapter 1269: Three Supreme Rank Treasures

There was very little dispute when it came to the second grade treasures as well. The group had very keen eyes. Selecting those wasn’t much of a challenge. Everyone’s selections consistently matched each other.

Treasures that were disputed or beyond their knowledge were left untouched and unclassified. However, that still made for fifty-two second grade treasures when the results were out, more than what they’d initially expected.

The group didn’t pay it too much heed as second grade treasures weren’t particularly noteworthy. They were most concerned that there was twenty-four treasures left! This was much beyond their initial estimations! 

The original count was that there’d be twenty first grade treasures at most, but a full twenty-four? How were they supposed to classify these items? 

Some of these treasures were completely foreign to them. Even a knowledgeable old hand like Emperor Wellspring didn’t dare casually comment on these items. Han Qianzhan and Su Huanzhen...

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