Chapter 1268: Treasure Identification Begins

The enthusiasm of the wandering cultivators present was slowly roused. The number of registrants climbed steadily, passion running so high that the registration time had to be lengthened from one hour to two.

The heavyweights sitting in the honored guest area inwardly marveled at young lord Zhen when they noted how eager the wandering cultivators were. They had to admit that the young lord had the ability to turn stone into gold. One had to know that that it was very difficult to interact with the world of wandering cultivators. It was exceedingly difficult to get them to wholeheartedly participate in anything.

Yet young lord Zhen had done it.

This treasure identification segment wasn’t a particularly stunning part, but the young lord had managed to inject new life into trite entertainment. He’d coaxed the wandering cultivators to let go of the doubts in their minds and join in with full enthusiasm.

There were still some wandering cultivators who wanted to sign up after two hours were up, but time was u...

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