Chapter 1267: Sincere Invitation to Heavyweights

“Of course, we will not reveal the treasures’ owners for the sake of secrecy and protection. There is no need to associate a treasure shown here with someone’s name, lest there be problems down the line. I swear on my internal demons that nothing will be revealed. If anyone is still concerned with their personal safety, they can also submit the treasure to us for immediate auction or transaction afterward.”

This was a necessary measure. If a low-level cultivator had the misfortune to own some high-rank treasure, he was basically a three-year-old openly carrying gold in the street. There was no guarantee he’d keep his life, much less \treasure.

This ‘Perceptive Eye’ segment didn’t sound very entertaining at first. Jiang Chen had actually spent a lot of effort coming up with the idea. If he could find one or two particularly valuable items in this segment, he would build up plenty of hype.

His purpose wasn’t actually to dig up anything obscure, but to promote the legitimacy of the Dragon and Tiger Meet brand. Only then would Veluriyam Capital become attractive...

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