Chapter 1266: The Meet Begins

Emperor Peerless was amazed that Jiang Chen was able to subdue the rowdy Jiao brothers with a few simple strokes. He’d witnessed many marvelous facets of the young man already, but every passing moment near the youth showed that he’d still only seen the tip of the iceberg. The young genius seemed to be a natural, inexhaustible goldmine. There was endless treasure to be found within him.

“What do you think, friends? Did I deceive you earlier?” A smiling Mo Wushuang looked toward the Jiao brothers.

Both brothers were ashamed. They cupped their fists. “Brother Mo, we are the ones who couldn’t tell wheat from chaff. We thought you were exaggerating, but we were the frogs in the bottom of the well all along. There’s nothing more to say. We submit wholly and utterly.”

“You know, I have the same kind of pride that you do,” laughed Mo Wushuang. “However, I’ve never regretted joining Sacred Peafowl Mountain. I’ve only experienced satisfaction and delight since then. I’ve walked this world thousands of years, never believing that there could be a peerless genius...

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