Chapter 1265: True Submission With Good Grace

The experiences from Jiang Chen’s past life meant that he had an excellent eye for people. The Jiao brothers’ lukewarm attitudes gave away their lack of agreement with Mo Wushuang’s words. The young man was perfectly fine with this. He knew that wandering great emperors tended to be wild and untamed. The Jiao brothers had only joined up with Sacred Peafowl Mountain out of necessity.

They needed to be more substantially convinced of Sacred Peafowl Mountain’s greatness, of his own competence and skill as young lord. Only then would he truly win their allegiance.

Tapping a finger against a nearby pine branch, Jiang Chen looked at the Jiao brothers with casual nonchalance. “Gentlemen, when you fought three to nine, your companion died in that battle. Did you consider that if you were just a tiny bit stronger, perhaps you would’ve easily escaped from those numbers?”

The Jiao brothers blinked, unsure why young lord Zhen was suddenly saying something like this.

Jiang Chen ignored their reaction, carrying...

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