Chapter 1264: Hearts Together

Emperor Void was a very scrupulous and thorough man, in contrast to the more impulsive Emperor Coiling Dragon. The morality of the issue was the first thing that came to the former’s mind.  As expected, the crowd’s collective gaze turned extremely solemn after the question was asked.

Emperor Vastsea had already sworn a vow of innocence to the Goldbiter Rat King, but he understood young lord Zhen’s pardon alone wasn’t enough if he wanted to return to Veluriyam Capital. He needed everyone’s forgiveness and support.

“Everyone, you might think that I’m just trying to avoid responsibility not matter what I say. Yes, I used to be on Emperor Shura’s side, and yes, I did possess a fair share of complaints towards Emperor Peafowl, but I swear Emperor Peafowl’s disappearance has nothing to do with me! Emperor Shura single handedly planned all of it! May the heavens smite me if I lie!” He pointed up at the heavens as he swore a solemn vow.

Emperor Coiling Dragon’s expression turned ugly. “And were you the ones who spread rumors about Emperor Peafowl’s...

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