Chapter 1263: Immense Shared Joy

Wandering cultivators had pride, for sure. The Jiao brothers of Mt. Huai had their own pride, but they were forced to relinquish their grasp on it when confronted with life and death. Moreover, young lord Zhen had given them an easy way out. They weren’t obligated to be slaves, but esteemed guest elders instead. What more could they ask for?

Not surrendering at this point was completely foolish.

“We are willing to submit to your will, young lord Zhen.”

“Is that what you really think?” There was no hint of joy on Jiang Chen’s face yet. “I repeat: the choice is yours, but you must live up to it. Inconstancy or disloyalty will not be permitted at Sacred Peafowl Mountain.”

The Jiao brothers were smart enough to understand that they were being pushed to make a declaration. 

“We brothers swear to the heavens that we shall be part of Sacred Peafowl Mountain henceforth and perpetually stay loyal to it. Young lord Zhen’s wish will be our command. If we break our word, let heaven and earth smite us!”

They would be idiotic not to take the offered way out. A declaration of loyalty was well...

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