Chapter 1262: Jiang Chen’s Marvelous Move

In the wandering cultivator world, the Jiao brothers of Mt. Huai had a certain degree of prestige. They weren’t as famous as the six titans, but they still wouldn’t have come at Emperor Pillzenith’s beck and call if he didn’t have dirt on them. Moreover, the emperor had told them that the task wouldn’t be difficult. They just had to listen to Emperor Shura’s orders and kill Veluriyam Capital’s young lord.

As long as they could pull that off, the debt they owed to Emperor Pillzenith would be cancelled out. That was why the Jiao brothers had agreed to help Pillfire City in the first place. The only reason, honestly.

They’d analyzed the situation before coming to Veluriyam, arriving at the conclusion that the job actually wasn’t hard. After all, the young lord was only an emperor realm genius. So what if he had an expert like Mo Wushuang by his side? Could the five of them not deal with one measly young lord?

Therefore, the Jiao brothers hadn’t expected anything life-threatening on the trip. Even if they couldn’t kill young lord Zhen, they should’ve had no problem making a tactical retreat. They hadn’t expected...

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