Chapter 1261: Besieged on All Sides

“Vastsea! You’ll regret this!” A terrifying ray of blinding light burst out of Emperor Shura’s eyes. Fiery red beams abruptly floated over his body, turning him into a ball of flames shooting up into the sky. He’d summoned the Shura flames by igniting his bloodline!

The move wasn’t new to Jiang Chen. Emperor Shura had used it once during the final round of the Vassal Meeting.

“I’ll kill all of you! Die!” Emperor Shura’s battle intent grew more and more bloodthirsty as his bloodline powers burned.

Jiang Chen smiled blandly. “Hmph! Futile struggles by a trapped beast!”

He brought out an ancient talisman as he spoke. It was the Skyclearer Talisman that he’d taken from Imperial Prince Zhao during the fight with Demon Emperor Bloodmalva. It was an incredible talisman from the ancient ages. Even the demon emperor’s demonic miasma had been no match for its powers, let alone a mere sealing glyph. Sadly, modern talisman masters were no longer capable of creating talismans of this level.


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