Chapter 1260: General Betrayal

Emperor Vastsea’s worry was extraneous. Emperor Shura’s hate-filled eyes signaled a fundamental unwillingness to give up attacking. The fires of vengeance burned ever brighter. He had zero intentions of abandoning the plan.

“Vastsea, this is when we make it or break it! Either we kill that brat and take back Veluriyam Capital, or we’re cut off from it forever!” Emperor Shura didn’t quite declare the absolute alternative of ‘death’ outright. He was still retaining some consideration for Emperor Vastsea’s feelings.

“We’ll have the chance for sure, fellow daoist,” said Vastsea.

Suddenly, Emperor Shura’s consciousness detected something. A look of deranged glee appeared on his face. “Good! What a stroke of fortune, Vastsea! That brat is finally showing himself. He’s escorting the wandering great emperors out right now and they’re on their way down Sacred Peafowl Mountain. He only has Mo Wushuang beside him. Void and Coiling Dragon are absent!”

Emperor Vastsea’s heart trembled. His eyes radiated glee....

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