Chapter 1258: Shifting Allegiances on the Frontlines?

Ten out of twenty three great emperors ended up agreeing to the deal. The rest remained skeptical and decided not to participate. Emperor Wellspring, a top expert, was amongst the ten, as was Emperor Inferno and Emperor Reliance, whose strength matched Emperor Peerless. This lineup was more than adequate.

“Young lord Zhen, since we’ve already finalized the deal, when do you want us to take action?” Emperor Inferno asked impatiently.

“Now.” Jiang Chen flashed a faint, but sincere smile. 

“Now?” Emperor Inferno frowned. “Against who? Surely you’re not going to have us kill each other?”

“Of course not.” Jiang Chen laughed. “There are a few pesky little pests wandering around Sacred Peafowl Mountain, wanting to cause harm. They’re causing me a headache and I won’t take this lying down. Since all of you have graced my capital, I wish to borrow your muscles to get rid of the unscrupulous scum.”

The young lord paused for a moment before he continued....

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