Chapter 1256: Gathering of the Titans

Since it was a great meeting of wandering cultivators, it made sense that the titans’ opinions were sought. Even the sect heavyweights wouldn’t find this to be a reason for jealousy. They were just here for the show, the wandering cultivators were the true stars. Thus, when they heard that the young lord residence of Sacred Peafowl Mountain was hosting a banquet for the wandering cultivator titans, the sect representatives were slightly envious but didn’t raise a fuss.

They were more worried about the young lord recruiting all of this wandering great emperors to his banner. Veluriyam Capital would truly be able to dominate the Upper Eight Regions then.

But after some careful thought, they all realized that this was impossible. Subduing all of the wandering cultivators in the world had been the longstanding ambitions and goals of many sect experts, but no one had ever realized it.

When the wandering great emperors heard that young lord Zhen wanted to throw a banquet in their honor,...

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