Chapter 1255: Undefined Enmity

The Ninesuns Sky Sect had sought reconciliation due to the shallowness of its grudge. Meanwhile, Eternal Celestial Capital was the entire reason behind Myriad Domain’s fall and current ruined state. It was the culprit behind the demise of Regal Pill Palace.

Aside from the small group that Jiang Chen managed to rescue, most had perished. There were also many still lost and missing. The palace head and Ling Bi'er were very good examples. Though Jiang Chen had stayed only a short while at the palace, he’d still formed emotional ties to his peers and former home.

In all honesty, if the Regal Pill Palace hadn’t gone against majority opinion in allying themselves with the Precious Tree Sect, Jiang Chen’s path of martial dao would have been much rougher. Being brought to the palace was a crucial part of his experiences.

The days that he’d spent there convinced him of the palace's unique spirit. In spite of its rather average fourth rank status, it managed to thrive in surprising ways. He had a nostalgic...

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