Chapter 1254: Get Out Of Here, Now!

Jiang Chen was highly perturbed that the Eternal Celestial Capital had arrived together with the Moon God Sect and immediately asked for clarification.

“The two holy maidens are Holy Maiden Xu Shan, the senior sectmaster’s newest disciple, as well as Holy Maiden Zi Qiong, the third sectmaster’s direct disciple.”

“Holy Maiden Qingxuan didn’t come?” Jiang Chen couldn’t resist asking.

“The calling card states that only Holy Maiden Xu Shan and Holy Maiden Zi Qiong are here.” 

Jiang Chen took the calling card and nodded after a short glance. The second sectmaster was eccentric and overprotective of her most beloved disciple. A stubborn old woman like her would never allow Holy Maiden Qingxuan to come to Veluriyam Capital. She was already suspicious even though Jiang Chen had only spent a brief moment alone with Xu Qingxuan during the Moon God Precious Tree incident.

Jiang Chen didn’t have a good impression of the second sectmaster. Setting aside the fact that she’d separated his parents, she was shackling Xu Qingxuan with unreasonable rules.

He was rather fond of his sister...

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