Chapter 1253: The Ninesuns Sky Sect Requests Peace

Shangguan Yanqing was a perceptive man. He surveyed his surroundings, then glanced thoughtfully at the nearby Cloudsoar Monarch before smiling. "Young lord Zhen, may I speak to you privately?"

Objectively speaking, his request was rather impolite. After all, he was standing within Sacred Peafowl Mountain, face-to-face with its very own young lord. What unspeakable motive did he have for a private audience?

Jiang Chen glanced nonchalantly at the inspector. His face was emotionless. "Cloudsoar, please give us a few minutes alone."

Cloudsoar Monarch blinked in surprise, but obeyed the command. After he departed the room, only Jiang Chen and Shangguan Yanqing remained. Their eyes met. The latter suddenly began to laugh.

"Young lord Zhen, it is often said that hearing of someone is far inferior to meeting them in person. I came today for two reasons. Part of it was because I wanted to see exactly how amazing the legendary young lord Zhen was for myself. That aside, I do...

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