Chapter 1252: The Eight First Rank Sects

Every tavern and inn in Veluriyam Capital surged in occupancy. The streets bustled with activity and business boomed. A few hundred thousand wandering cultivator experts made their ways into the city over the course of only a few days, making urban life a lot more lively. That number was only a fraction of the expected turnout. Estimates predicted that one to two million total would be present for the start of the festivities.

The world teemed with wandering cultivators of every stripe. One to two million was only a small portion of the greater whole. Most wandering cultivators wouldn't think of attending this kind of event. And yes, on a certain level, they didn’t qualify. 

Firstly, there was no point or possibility for lower level wandering cultivators to come. What would they even do once they were here? Anyone below sage realm would be too embarrassed to come to the Tiger and Dragon Meet.

Veluriyam Capital would be unwilling to admit anyone thick-skinned enough to show...

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