Chapter 1251: The Six Titans Of The Wandering World

At this point, Veluriyam Capital had walked out from the shadow cast by the Vassal Meeting. Normal order and peace had been restored. There was still no news of Emperor Peafowl’s whereabouts, but young lord Zhen’s governance exceeded many people’s expectations, despite the chaos and skepticism in the beginning.

With the passage of time, everyone gradually grew accustomed to having young lord Zhen at the helm. What everyone failed to predict was that the capital would actually be even more prosperous and thriving than in Emperor Peafowl’s era.

Even though many remained skeptical about young lord Zhen’s plans, they mostly agreed that the young lord was a progressive ruler. He was always busy at work and by no means was just putting on a show. The precise location for the academy had been set. Various preparation efforts were under way and a majority of the funds had already arrived.

The information released for the Tiger and Dragon Meet swept the entire human domain up in a storm....

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