Chapter 125: The Mysterious Visitor

Chapter 125: The Mysterious Visitor

One had so say, Jiang Chen wasn’t particularly well-versed in the area of boosting his troops’ morale, but these words were very direct.

Besides, the invasion of the Darkmoon Kingdom was the accumulation of generations of hatred between the two countries. He almost didn’t need to do anything to inspire everyone to fight to the last moment, bleed to the last drop of blood and kill to their dying breath.

Under Jiang Chen’s fortifying words, one by one, the practitioners all raised their arms to call out loudly and swear blood oaths that they would willingly follow Jiang Chen unto their deaths to keep the enemy at bay beyond the kingdom’s borders.

“Kill the enemy! Kill the enemy!”

More than ten thousand advanced realm practitioners roared in unison, their voices shaking the clouds.

“Hahaha, this is interesting, most interesting.”

Suddenly, a long laugh was heard from the empty air. This laughter actually pierced strongly through the shouts of ten thousand as though it was made from gold or stone, penetrating the air and stabbing into everyone’s eardrums.

“Who is it?” Jiang Chen’s brow furrowed as his Ear of the Zephyr moved slightly, his God’s Eye already shooting towards an empty patch of space to the east.

“Friend, come on...

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