Chapter 1249: The Hoarcrown Supreme Mystery Pill

Pillfire City had thought it would easily able to snuff out the Tiger and Dragon Meet in the cradle. Instead, it found itself dangled over a fire pit. The Pill-Martial Summit had been announced solely to destroy their rival. Given Pillfire City’s prestige and brand, most had been absolutely certain that over eighty percent of wandering cultivators would be drawn away from Veluriyam Capital.

But the heavyweight news from Veluriyam Capital smashed Pillfire City’s popularity to pieces. The winds were blowing from south to north. The Pinecrane Pill itself was astounding enough, but the news that Veluriyam Capital was founding a pill dao academy was even more incredible. And enrollment slots set aside for wandering cultivators!

Most incredulous was that young lord Zhen had boldly declared that Sacred Peafowl Mountain was able to refine any pill that anyone else could. Even if the advertisement was larger than life, his confidence won the hearts of many wandering cultivators....

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