Chapter 1247: Tit For Tat Provocation

The Upper Eight Regions was quite a bustling place these days. First, Veluriyam Capital announced the Tiger and Dragon Meet and invited all wandering cultivators in the world to attend. Not long after, Pillfire City announced that they were hosting a Pill-Martial Summit. All wandering cultivators were likewise invited to attend.

Pillfire City also boldly declared that their summit would feature every single one of the city’s emperors as lecturers. Pillzenith included, they would be available to discuss pill and martial dao with the wandering cultivators of the world.

News of this caused a shockwave to ripple through the entire human domain. The contents itself were shocking enough. Though Pillfire City hosted events frequently–almost on a daily basis in fact, the grandness of this particular event marked a once-in-a-millennium experience. If every Pillfire emperor really was going to make an appearance, the experience would be unprecedentedly amazing.

It was tremendously joyous news for wandering cultivators all over the world. The overwhelming...

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