Chapter 1246: An Irate Pillfire City

“Senior sectmaster, please reconsider!” the second sectmaster urged.

The senior sectmaster waved her hands dismissively. “The decision has been made. We’ll discuss this again after the wandering cultivator gathering is over.”

The crowd had no choice but to swallow their arguments. Holy Maiden Qingxuan was elated. The senior sectmaster’s attitude had given her a little bit of hope.


Meanwhile, Pillfire City had also received news about the wandering cultivator gathering.

Emperor Pillzenith had just returned from Veluriyam Capital, still dazed by what had happened. He’d been filled with ambition when he first set off, but had been forced to run away with his tail between his legs and was even played for a fool in the end by a nonexistent formation.  

It was a smudge on his clean record. He grew more and more frustrated as his thoughts lingered on the incident. Why hadn’t he thought clearly back then? A sky rank formation? How could the brat possibly set up a sky...

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