Chapter 1245: Holy Maiden Qingxuan’s Great Support of Her Brother

Vast disagreement rose when Xu Qingxuan heard the second sectmaster’s words. Although she revered her master, she wasn’t blindly loyal. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have brought her mother to meet with her father and brother behind her master’s back. Despite all of the brainwashing she’d endured over the years, it still hadn’t been successful. She’d retained her own mind.

Her master’s words struck her as biting the hand that’d fed them. Xu Qingxuan was quite dismissive of this. Her brother had saved the sect’s Precious Tree!

The holy maiden liked to think in the long term as well. Ever since her parents had found each other, she’d begun considering the possibility of the family reuniting. If that were to happen, she’d have to spend some effort here to make the Moon God Sect accept Veluriyam Capital and young lord Zhen. Only when that happened could the dream of a family reunion become possibility.

Otherwise, that road ahead was fraught with difficulties in the current situation. It’d be better if it was...

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