Chapter 1244: The Moon God Sect’s Response

It wasn’t long before news about Veluriyam’s wandering cultivator gathering spread. It even had an extremely domineering name: the Dragon and Tiger Meet. 

Young lord Zhen had named the gathering to celebrate the crouching tigers and hidden dragons of the wandering world. Of course, it was a pity that they were all unaffiliated free agents. The Dragon and Tiger Meet was a way to discover these dragons and tigers, and to display their talents for the world to see.

Emperor Peerless, a titan of the wandering world, had rallied his brothers and friends to the Dragon and Tiger Meet. He even assured that a huge surprise was waiting for them.

The news spread like wildfire. It only took a few days for it to disseminate throughout the human domain. Even northern based factions like Pillfire City and Tilted Moon Region received the news.

Within the Moon God Sect, a few high level executives had convened a meeting. The three sectmasters and a few holy maidens were in attendance. The chief sectmaster was holding a confidential letter in her hand with furrowed brows. She pondered...

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