Chapter 1242: The Three Benefits

The others looked at Jiang Chen confusedly. Was young lord Zhen mad enough to pick a solution at random? Countless powerful factions had attempted to gather the strength of wandering cultivators for their own over the ages, but success was exceedingly rare.

There were more wandering cultivators than fish in the sea. A single sect or faction couldn’t possibly take them all. Moreover, they tended to be an unfriendly bunch. Some were eccentric and bad-natured, others overly competitive and tough to handle.

A single wandering cultivator often fared better alone than a disciple from some sect. But in a group, they were nothing more than a ragtag bunch; hardly comparable to the disciplined team of disciples from the same sect working together.

If a wandering cultivator went up against a sect disciple who was on the same cultivation level and powerful treasures were banned on both sides, then the former would likely win out.

Their world was a crueler one. Wandering cultivators were forced to drift about, risking their lives at every second....

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