Chapter 1241: Jiang Chen’s Decision

The group reached a common consensus after some internal discussion. They greatly liked Jiang Chen’s future plans for the capital. They understood how Pillfire City had come to surpass Veluriyam Capital after hearing his explanations and why the gap between the two factions was growing wider and wider.

The next day, the vassals gathered at Sacred Peafowl Mountain to discuss the founding of the pill dao academy. They were all very enthused, to say the least. 

“Young lord Zhen, you must be the headmaster of the academy! We have complete faith in your knowledge of pill dao!”

“Yeah! We’re in complete favor of the academy construction! The Bluesky Nation will contribute fifty million saint spirit stones to the cause!”

“Heh! The Great Qin Nation will contribute fifty million as well!”

“So will we!” The vassals were more than happy to donate generously. They were the leaders of their own respective factions. Veluriyam Capital oversaw a vast and expansive territory, rich with resources and fertile lands....

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