Chapter 1239: Escape

Emperor Pillzenith’s tone was unkind. As an overlord of his time, he couldn’t bear the spread of news that he’d been humiliated by a young man. It would damage both his dignity and Pillfire City’s authority.

Emperor Peerless frowned. “We’ve given you face already, Pillzenith, not to mention you aren’t welcome here in the first place. You’re only humiliating yourself further with this nonsense.”

While Shura had hated Jiang Chen the most out of those present, Emperor Peerless topped the list for Pillzenith. When his former love rival stood up to defend Jiang Chen, Emperor Pillzenith cackled strangely. 

“You again. Do you live your life going backwards, Mo Wushuang? I still remember your pretentious tone when you turned down my offer to join Pillfire City and when you scrabbled against me for a woman. And look at you now, the more pathetic the older you get. How does it feel to be Veluriyam Capital’s dog?”

If it’d been in the past, Emperor Peerless would’ve flown into a rage. But now, the great emperor merely looked back placidly as he responded, “I can...

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