Chapter 1238: A New Official Works Hard to Show Efficiency

The world of martial dao was a wondrous place. When passion was kindled in people’s hearts, they tended to be easily persuaded by others. That didn’t mean they were brainless sheep without opinions of their own, but that the world was a place with the strongest at the top. When it came to pill dao, young lord Zhen’s exploits over the past few years were nothing less than legendary.

After his exploits were dug up, many noticed that he was already a monument to others, despite his youth. The Longevity Pill and the Pinecrane Pill. These two alone were enough to immortalize his name. Moreover, young lord Zhen had also defeated the ‘invincible’ Pill King Ji Lan–and more than once, to boot.

Under the people’s intentional embellishments, his stories spread in a frenzied wave, his exceptional performance at the Vassal Meeting naturally included. He’d faced Emperor Shura for five rounds and crushed his opponent utterly in pill dao, beast taming, and formations, with a draw in talismans and...

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