Chapter 1237: Roping In People’s Hearts

Emperor Shura smiled apathetically. “The fence-sitter is truly easily swayed. History is written by the victors. Say whatever you want, I’ll not participate in your nonsense.”  He brandished his sleeves and headed back to his own camp.

“I am cutting ties with Veluriyam Capital from henceforth! Those who wish to follow me are free to do so. As for those who are unwilling… heh. Let’s just say that Veluriyam Capital will not take your betrayal kindly.” Emperor Shura was extremely persuasive.

The factions directly under Shura Retreat were quick to show their loyalty. “Your Majesty, we shall follow you!” 

“We will remain loyal unto death!”

The unwavering loyalists consisted of mostly factions directly under Shura Retreat and a few clans and vassals that had close relationships. The vassals that’d recently been persuaded to side with Emperor Shura were desperately trying to draw a clear line between them and the emperor. They naturally weren’t going to leave.

Emperor Petalpluck frowned when he saw how influential...

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