Chapter 1236: Withdrawing From Veluriyam Capital

Emperor Shura’s sudden move overturned everyone’s expectations. No one had thought that the likes of a titled emperor would sneak attack young lord Zhen after the battle was over.


“Young lord Zhen, watch out!”

“That shameless bastard!”

There was instant chaos in the crowd. Everyone cried out in warning and astonishment, absolutely appalled at the newfound development.

Emperor Peerless shot out as a streak of light from his seat with the rest of Sacred Peafowl Mountain. Emperors Void and Coiling Dragon followed.

Emperors Petalpluck and Mountaincrush headed right for the stage as well. All five of the emperors wanted to block the attack for the young man. But they were too far. The lethal blade was already at Jiang Chen’s throat before they could reach the edge of the arena.

The swing seemed unblockable.

In that crucial moment, the earth before Jiang Chen split open. Numerous vines burst forth, each one thick as a muscled arm. They headed for Emperor Shura without delay.

As if he’d foreseen such a move from Emperor Shura, Jiang Chen produced several dozen duplicate images of himself...

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