Chapter 1234: A Bottomless Bag of Tricks

Emperor Shura put everything he had into that feverish strike. He’d cut through the lines of the Eight Trigram Boulder Formation, utterly destroying its framework. It was time to attack at last! There was no way that Jiang Chen could instantly restore his defenses. The formation disk needed to be set up once more.

The emperor’s murderous gaze locked onto the youth in front of him. He was through. He was through! Coming face to face with one’s mortal enemy was an occasion to be red-eyed. Snorting derisively, Emperor Shura rushed in close and delivered a horizontal slice. A flash of steel was drawn across Jiang Chen’s torso. The audience collectively screamed in horror.

There was a burst of radiance. In the next moment, Jiang Chen’s body flew into the air, cleanly sliced in half. The halves thudded onto the ground, severed with a neat, forceful stroke.

The shocked cries of the audience grew louder. Some closed or averted their eyes in revulsion. They couldn’t bear to look at such a gruesome sight. Emperors Void and Coiling...

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