Chapter 1232: The Violet Rings

Jiang Chen wasn’t someone easily dealt with, but Emperor Shura likewise wasn’t about to resign himself to fate halfway through. After a while of golden monster harrassment, Emperor Shura finally understood Jiang Chen’s strategic intent. In his fury, he completely ignored them and poured all of his energy in crazed offense against the formation instead.

Emperor Shura knew that Jiang Chen wanted to maintain this impasse. To end up in a draw was in itself a victory for Sacred Peafowl Mountain. Conversely, it would mean that all of his effort over the few years was for nothing.

The great emperor was absolutely unwilling to accept such an outcome. He needed to attack and break the formation apart. Howling in anger, he spurred himself to new heights. His offensive power flared in strength once more. Bloody aura creeped out menacingly from the demon blade; it roiled crazily towards the formation to reap the living. Once the formation was done, so was his...

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