Chapter 1231: Displaying Various Arts

The strength of the Shura Rain of Blood lay not just within its brute power, but also its lethal aura and ability to erode the consciousness. Emperor Shura had reached great perfection with the technique, and it was the first time he was showing it in front of so many. The connoisseur could recognize the artistry within, while the layman simply enjoyed the show.

Emperor Pillzenith’s impression of Emperor Shura improved greatly after the blade technique was performed. It seems Emperor Shura isn’t a good-for-nothing after all. He may lack charisma and wit, but he makes up for it with his cultivation. Even I would have a hard time fighting against this technique. Emperor Pillzenith simulated the fight multiple times in his mind, but realized he didn’t have a good answer to Emperor Shura’s blade technique. 

Emperor Pillzenith was one of the strongest great emperors in the Upper Eight Regions. Like...

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