Chapter 1230: The Rain of Blood Technique

Emperor Shura’s expression was a direct reflection of his feelings. Extreme fury. The great emperor’s demonic slaughter dao was the same killing art as Gao Zhan and Li Jiancheng’s. However, Emperor Shura was far more powerful than his disciples, especially being a great emperor.

The great emperor exuded a fey, purplish-red glow that seemed to be the fires of hell. Fully charged with terrifying bloodthirst, Emperor Shura flexed his hand to grip a purple flash of bloody light. A demonic blade leaking the stench of blood and emanating a stunning presence appeared in his hand.

Is that the Shura Blood Blade? Jiang Chen had previously fought against Emperor Shura’s disciple Gao Shan. The disciple had wielded an equally murderous demonic blade. The one in Emperor Shura’s hand seemed at least ten times stronger than Gao Zhan’s and seemed to be the avatar of an ancient demon god.

The blade took in and spat out shocking quantities...

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