Chapter 1230: The Rain of Blood Technique

Emperor Shura’s expression was a direct reflection of his feelings. Extreme fury. The great emperor’s demonic slaughter dao was the same killing art as Gao Zhan and Li Jiancheng’s. However, Emperor Shura was far more powerful than his disciples, especially being a great emperor.

The great emperor exuded a fey, purplish-red glow that seemed to be the fires of hell. Fully charged with terrifying bloodthirst, Emperor Shura flexed his hand to grip a purple flash of bloody light. A demonic blade leaking the stench of blood and emanating a stunning presence appeared in his hand.

Is that the Shura Blood Blade? Jiang Chen had previously fought against Emperor Shura’s disciple Gao Shan. The disciple had wielded an equally murderous demonic blade. The one in Emperor Shura’s hand seemed at least ten times stronger than Gao Zhan’s and seemed to be the avatar of an ancient demon god.

The blade took in and spat out shocking quantities of bloodthirsty intent every time it pulsed. Even from a distance, anyone who looked at it felt like their qi and blood were going awry, and their consciousness threatened to scatter at any moment.

Looks like Emperor Shura is going to use an ultimate technique. Jiang Cheng was on guard. His opponent was plainly determined to prevent him from easily getting through the round. Luckily, he was prepared to face any difficulties.

Emperor Shura’s killing intent climbed to new heights with a weapon in hand. He seemed to be an ancient demon god who’d barrelled out of hell. Bloody light surged as the edge of the great emperor’s blade transformed into a crescent of light, crashing onto the formation.

The light was so swift and powerful that it almost outstripped the ability of the vassals beneath the arena to follow it. The slash was completely different from the aura attack of a punch. The attack possessed incredible sharpness and the power to cut through air itself.

Light rapidly approached a stone sculpture’s neck. But before it could do so, Jiang Chen made a hand seal and formed an armor of earth energy around the sculpture with the Earth Bodhisattva Orb.

A harsh, metallic noise shrieked into everyone’s ears, causing temporary deafness. The elemental armor was instantly torn apart. The attack left a deep mark in the stone sculpture’s neck. If the armor hadn’t nullified half of the offensive energy, the attack would’ve gone in much deeper.

“What a powerful strike!” Jiang Chen gasped after witnessing the sheer power of the blade. He knew just how tough the eight stone sculptures were. Normal attacks wouldn’t be able to damage them at all; they’d leave just faint marks at most, not a deep mark like this.He didn’t think that the attack was powerful enough to cut a sculpture in half with one hit, but Emperor Shura might very well manage it if he followed up with a few consecutive strikes.

Even Jiang Chen had to respect Emperor Shura’s demonic blade for its sheer offensive power.

He was very confident in the stone sculptures’ defensive capabilities. Their mobility was average, but their ability to take hits had never failed to meet his expectations. However, Emperor Shura’s strike had changed his opinion. Truly, there were no such thing as an indestructible defense in this world.

Jiang Chen grew even warier at this thought. He knew full well that that strike wasn’t Emperor Shura’s strongest attack. The great emperor certainly had more tricks up his sleeves.

As expected, Emperor Shura didn’t lose his cool despite feeling irritated by his failure to cut down the stone sculpture with one move. A second stroke, a third, a fourth...

The attacks surged towards Jiang Chen like a burst dam. Emperor Shura had flown into a true rage now. The technique he was displaying was one of his trump cards, so powerful that even a great emperor would have to avoid the full brunt of the attack.

Emperor Void fixated on Emperor Shura with an extremely solemn look.

“Daoist Void, is that the Shura Rain of Blood technique?” Emperor Coiling Dragon couldn’t help but ask. He was a newly ascended great emperor. Moreover, he’d never gotten a chance to spar against Emperor Shura, unlike Emperor Void when he’d rose to power.

Emperor Void nodded slightly, heavily. “Emperor Shura’s technique was incomplete at the time, but it would seem that he has fixed that weakness now.”

Beside him, Emperor Peerless’ forehead also creased. “So Emperor Shura isn’t all talk after all. Even I would’ve to avoid him if an opportunity presented itself.”

Emperor Peerless didn’t mean that he was inferior to Emperor Shura. He meant that he’d have no choice but to fight defensively if Emperor Shura were to execute this technique in battle. There was no way he could fight fire with fire and bear the brunt of Emperor Shura’s attack head on.

Emperor Void apparently had deep feelings about this technique. “Emperor Peafowl is the only one in the entire Veluriyam Capital who can suppress this technique head on.”

“Is that so? Shura tried to challenge Emperor Peafowl using this technique before?” Emperor Coiling Dragon’s eyes lit up with curiosity.

“He did. Back then, Emperor Shura couldn’t wait for full mastery and charged off half-cocked to try the new technique out on Daoist Peafowl.” Emperor Void’s tone took a heavy bent as he spoke of the matters in the past.

“And? What happened?” Emperor Coiling Dragon asked urgently.

Emperor Peerless’ curiosity was also piqued.

“What happened?” Emperor Void sneered and shook his head dismissively. “It took Daoist Peafowl only one feather to suppress the technique completely.”

“One feather?”

“That’s right. One feather from a peafowl.” Emperor Void sighed. “Daoist Peafowl dismantled the technique and completely suppressed Shura in just three moves. After that battle, Emperor Shura never challenged Daoist Peafowl to a spar ever again.”

Emperor Peafowl defeating Emperor Shura with one peafowl feather and three moves must have been a devastating blow. 

“Emperor Peafowl is truly amazing.” Emperor Coiling Dragon sighed.

“Daoist Peafowl is undoubtedly powerful. However, he also told me one thing very seriously after that battle.” Emperor Void wore an incredibly complicated look. “He said me that I should never attempt to meet this technique head on!”

So even Emperor Peafowl felt the technique was quite powerful. He wouldn’t have given such advice otherwise. This worried those on the Sacred Peafowl Mountain side. Could young lord Zhen really endure a technique that’d won high praise from Emperor Peafowl himself?

Emperor Shura’s technique had been incomplete when he issued a challenge to Emperor Peafowl. The man today fought like he’d unbarred the gates of hell. Could young lord Zhen really endure the might of a great emperor this powerful? Could he really hold the line?

Even Emperor Peerless, despite his earlier optimism, was starting to worry for the young lord. Even he couldn’t tell if Jiang Chen could survive the attack.

Emperor Shura’s murderous aura had reached its peak. He was the most bloodthirsty Shura demon god to ever exist in the field. Every slash seemed capable of ending countless lives.

The pressure that Jiang Chen had to endure increased dramatically when facing a berserk Emperor Shura. If the great emperor had stuck to the same fist technique from earlier, there would be no increased pressure. However, the blade technique was on an entirely different level. It possessed a sharp aura with a unique presence that made it feel like it could cut through anything.

Every time a slash came a stone sculpture’s way, Jiang Chen had to pay an enormous price to prevent it from being sliced in half. The most frightening aspect of this technique was its ability to gather all killing intent into one focal point and create a demonic slaughter field. All living things trapped inside the field would be ground to dust.

“Come out and take a hit from me if you dare, Zhen! You’re shaming Emperor Peafowl’s sterling reputation with your cowardice!” Emperor Shura sounded like a murderous demon god, his words brimming with wrath and violence.

Jiang Chen knew that Emperor Shura was trying to provoke him. However, he wasn’t the sort to let blood rush into his head. He didn’t think he could take even three hits if he were to abandon his current setup and face Emperor Shura head on. The only thing he could lean on now was the layers upon layers of defenses he’d set up for this battle.

Jiang Chen was able to hold on through the great emperor’s fierce attacks thanks to the Eight Trigram Boulder Formation, the stone sculptures, and the Earth Bodhisattva Orb. All he wanted was a draw. That was enough to win Sacred Peafowl Mountain everything. So no matter how hard Emperor Shura tried to provoke him, Jiang Chen simply turned a deaf ear and focused on preserving his airtight defenses.His defenses were indeed nearly a perfect setup. Although it drained him greatly to maintain them, Emperor Shura found it insurmountably difficult to break through even after employing a trump card.

The Rain of Blood technique churned up bloody winds and gory downfall. Each strike was a summons from hell, and each blow acute imparted the feeling of dancing between life and death. If Jiang Chen hadn’t cultivated the Boulder’s Heart, his consciousness might’ve quickly collapsed under the technique’s thick bloodthirst.

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