Chapter 1229: Emperor Shura About to Lose His Mind

The battle had just begun. Neither Emperor Coiling Dragon nor Emperor Void could easily come to a conclusion. However, Jiang Chen’s formation was a surefire shot of faith in everyone. At least it wasn’t likely to be one-sided, like everyone had first expected. Young lord Zhen hadn’t folded like paper to Emperor Shura. In fact, it didn’t like he was planning on giving up any time soon.

Shura Retreat and its affiliates had a drastically different reaction to the affair. There was widespread surprise and consternation at the sight of the emperor’s punch being stopped cold. This turn of events was difficult for many to accept.

Even Emperor Pillzenith in the guest area displayed an intense frown. He found the events that were occurring to be completely incomprehensible. “Is this Zhen kid really related to Myriad Abyss Island after all? How can the human domain produce a genius as monstrous as him otherwise?”

Pillfire’s ruling emperor was thoroughly unnerved. Veluriyam’s young lord...

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