Chapter 1228: Shocking Defenses

Emperor Shura wasn’t blindly arrogant. He was a great emperor of three thousand years! In his eyes, Jiang Chen was only a young genius at half-step emperor realm. Given the tremendous difference between them, he didn’t think it was possible his opponent could defend himself, even if the young lord dug his heels in. 

Jiang Chen himself knew how difficult his task was. He took out and activated one of his Imperial Advent Defense Talismans without hesitation. Immense power from the talisman surged into his body. Blinding radiance from tadpole-like glyphs surrounded the space around him.

This wasn’t his first time using the Imperial Advent Defense Talisman.

One talisman could be used three to five times in total. The one in Jiang Chen’s hand had been gifted to him by Emperor Peafowl. He’d last used it in his fight against Demon Emperor Bloodmalva. The conflict ahead of him was arguably even more difficult than his last.

At the time, the demon emperor had only twenty to thirty percent of his original...

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