Chapter 1227: The Final Battle

Even someone as steady a mindset as Emperor Shura was affected by the sudden contrasting mood. Prior to the two final rounds, he’d been so certain of his victory that he’d nearly celebrated in advance. But with Li Jiancheng’s loss, the advantage that he held was now gone. He was now suddenly on the losing side.

Even though he was certain of his victory in the final round, what was the point when the win wouldn’t serve no purpose? The Shura Retreat was in possession of four victories, three draws and five losses. Even if he won the final round, all it would do was make things even. Would he have the right to issue any more challenges when there were no conclusive results after thirteen rounds?

Many of the vassals had already begun to lean towards Sacred Peafowl Mountain. The constant surprises had won over many vassals, while Shura Retreat was inching towards their own doom.

Emperor Shura was burning with rage inside. However, there wasn’t much he could do...

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