Chapter 1226: Why Did He Lose

Beneath the arena, Li Jiancheng flipped back onto his feet. Bedraggled, his face was beet red with indignation. Anger, humiliation and disbelief further colored his eyes.

On the arena, Huang’er lifted Li Jiancheng’s spear with a gust of wind and tossed it in front of the young lord. The impact kicked up a small poof of dust.

Li Jiancheng stared as his enemy scornfully tossed back his pride and joy. He felt like a beggar who’d been given a few coins in mock charity. The young lord actually felt like committing suicide at that moment. Humiliation filled his chest to the brim.

“The twelfth round goes to Miss Huang’er of Sacred Peafowl Mountain!” Even Emperor Petalpluck was stunned for a moment before he finally remembered that he was the judge.

Emperor Shura felt like his chest had been struck by a sledgehammer. His complexion took on an ugly bent. When he looked at the defeated and disheartened Li Jiancheng on the ground again, frustration brimmed to the fore. He still failed to be any good in the end!

Even Emperor Vastsea and Emperor Skysplitter standing behind Emperor Shura looked...

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