Chapter 1225: Huang’er Displays Her Might

Li Jiancheng was no gentleman at heart. His expert’s sense told him that he had definitely underestimated his opponent. The girl before him looked charming and delicate, but her appearance belied her incredible strength. He felt a very real sense of danger from her, refuting his prior arrogance.

He couldn’t maintain his swagger in the face of such a looming threat. The ‘three-attack’ promise was tossed aside completely. Clutching at the air, he materialized a long spear between his fingers.

The weapon was a bit more than yard-long. Endless killing aura surged out as soon as it showed up in Li Jiancheng’s hands, as if the weapon had been brought out from the deepest layers of hell.

Emperor Shura’s disciples studied the Shura slaughter dao. For them, the most important temperament to exhibit was a will to kill. Emperor Shura’s other disciple, Gao Zhan, had fought it out rather intensely against Jiang Chen back in the Ranking of Young Lords. He was another genius at...

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