Chapter 1224: Bedraggedly Taking His Words Back

The callous and overweening Li Jiancheng had never once lost to his peers in Veluriyam Capital. Even when young lord Fan was still alive, they’d never dueled to see who was stronger.  Thus, he was always extremely confident and smug when fighting his peers. Not a hint of fear or trepidation had ever crossed his mind. 

However, when Huang’er had made her first move, an unprecedented sense of fear flashed across his mind. Her jade-like hands seemed to be wielding a magical power that could control time and space. After the vortex of energy took shape, Li Jiancheng suddenly felt like he was floundering in the middle of a wide and empty ocean.

His heart shuddered with trepidation. Without any hesitation, he grunted and threw an eerie looking talisman into the air. Those talisman turned into purplish-red runes that exploded with an enormous blinding flash. The powerful explosion collapsed the surrounding air and shattered the energy vortex. 

Whaam! Huang’er’s attack was a very domineering dimension art that could instantly form a restrictive...

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