Chapter 1223: Who’s Letting Who Have Three Moves?

Li Jiancheng wasn’t the type of man to forget himself. His words were only superficially amiable; he was actually exerting pressure on Huang’er to try to crush her fighting spirit.

However, Huang’er’s charming visage showed no hint of emotion.

“You people from Shura Retreat… do you only know how to flap your lips? If you’re trying to show off your eloquence, then I must say that you’ve thoroughly failed at doing so.” She flicked a cold glance at Li Jiancheng and spoke with equal frost.

The young lord of Shura Retreat felt his face freeze. He thought he had acted with gentility and style, but the girl before him would have none of it. Had he been trying to charm the blind the entire time?

Li Jiancheng was quite upset, upset enough to go on a rampage. Being treated like a fool by a pretty girl was one of the most infuriating things in life! He finally bristled with murderous intent. However, it was quickly replaced with a more malevolent rage.

Worthless whore, you’re more of a glut for punishment than I thought....

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