Chapter 1222: Go Teach Him A Lesson, Huang’er

A draw. The fight had ended in yet another draw! This draw meant very different things to both parties. Over on Sacred Peafowl Mountain’s side, everyone except the three monarchs couldn’t help but sigh with disappointment.

They’d all seen that Cloudsoar Monarch was slightly stronger than the enemy. Unfortunately, he hadn’t been able to gain a big enough lead to turn it into a decisive victory. It was a round they could’ve taken off Shura Retreat’s hands, but after it’d ended in a draw, Sacred Peafowl Mountain’s position was more precarious than ever.

On the surface, their score was four wins, three draws and four losses. Both parties were still at a stalemate. However, anyone with their wits about them would know Shura Retreat was the clear favorite to win the competition. First, there was no way young lord Zhen could beat Emperor Shura. Second, Miss Huang’er was a stranger to most. Although she had participated in a couple of matches and claimed a draw for Sacred Peafowl Mountain in pill dao, her performance thus far hadn’t exactly been eye-catching. That was why no one...

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