Chapter 1221: The Proud Shura Retreat

Pill King Ce was a smart man. His prior investigation had informed him that Cloudsoar Monarch was the best of Sacred Peafowl Mountain’s four. Though he himself wasn’t weak, it was unrealistic to claim that the pill king could beat one of Peafowl’s monarchs. At most, they were roughly comparable.

When that was the case, a duel between two cultivators depended heavily on their moods and mindset. Pill King Ce wanted to attack him psychologically to create an opening. If one appeared, no matter how small, he would be sure to latch onto it.

Pill King Ce wasn’t necessarily the strongest cultivator, but as a pill dao genius, he had instinct and sensitivity superior to most others when it came to sensing battle openings. They were senses reserved for the elite.

However, Cloudsoar Monarch was wholly unaffected by his provocation. He’d already heard from Jiang Chen that Pill King Ce was a bit weaker than Pill King Hui. Though he wasn’t sure where young lord Zhen had gotten that information from, he trusted Jiang...

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