Chapter 122: Princess Gouyu’s Complex Emotions

Chapter 122: Princess Gouyu’s Complex Emotions

One had to say, Jiang Chen’s emotions had also infected Qiao Baishi’s. Qiao Baishi widened his eyes and bellowed, “Qi Can was it? My house’s young master has already spoken his piece. Leave while you still can! Envoys can’t be slaughtered in the battle between kingdoms, otherwise I’d be the first to chop you up and feed you to the dogs.”

Qi Can was also dumbfounded. He had realised that in the eyes of others, his eloquent speech just now had been nothing but a joke?

Was this Jiang family crazy? Did they think that they could rely on their own paltry strength to defend against the entire Darkmoon Kingdom?

“Young master Jiang, you… really won’t consider it for a bit?” Qi Can still didn’t give up.

“Get out!”

Jiang Chen shouted softly as a current of true qi shot out. Qi Can’s entire body flew through the air as the formless current surged violently and washed him out of the door like a kite in the wind.

Just as he was about to gather his qi and fight back, his feet suddenly touched ground as he landed solidly on the road.

“Outward projection of qi, lifting heavy items as though they weigh nothing! Could he be… an eleven meridians true qi master?” Previously, Qi Can had still been a bit arrogant, but now he’d been frightened into...

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