Chapter 1218: Can’t Lose Another Round

Li Jiancheng was a truly conceited person. He’d always been unparalleled among the younger generation in Veluriyam Capital and didn’t think that he was in any form or manner inferior to young lord Fan.

He remained unconvinced of his inferiority to young lord Zhen as well, even though there was sense of defeat. He didn’t care that the young lord was unrivalled in pill dao and that he’d comprehended all nine Veluriyam Obelisks. To Li Jiancheng, martial dao ruled the world. He believed that his cultivation was much superior to the young lord.

It was why he refused to admit inferiority, even though he was very jealous of the young lord. After seeing how beautiful Huang’er was, he couldn’t resist the urge to take her from the young lord. To him, young lord Zhen was incredibly heaven-defying, but the young lord wasn’t going to have a future in the capital.  Therefore, he had no issues with trying to snatch her away. It’d be a waste to bury this unrivalled beauty with young lord Zhen....

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