Chapter 1217: Li Jiancheng’s Flirtatious Ways

Emperor Vastsea and Emperor Skysplitter had serious looks on their faces as well. Emperor Vastsea especially was a diehard supporter of Emperor Shura. He had done so many things to help Emperor Shura seize power that he was surely one of the most dedicated here. That was why he couldn’t accept the great emperor’s defeat. Emperor Shura must hold on, because his fate was tied to the great emperor’s. 

If Emperor Shura succeeded, he succeeded. But if Emperor Shura failed, he failed as well. On that note, if Sacred Peafowl Mountain successfully stabilized their rule over Veluriyam Capital, then a fall from grace for both Emperor Shura and him was only a matter of time. Meanwhile, although Emperor Skysplitter had chosen to follow Emperor Shura, he wasn’t that close to Emperor Shura.

“Daoist Vastsea, these people are just bewitched by that boy for the moment. Veluriyam Capital will still be ours to rule if we take this round by force, won’t it? In the end, the strong dictates what happens in this world. If we win the martial dao matches, there’s nothing they can do to change things.”

Seven matches...

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